Educators aNd students

Teaching and learning why clean stormwater matters to the future.


Salt Lake County Stormwater Coalition understands that teaching children and youth about responsible stormwater management is one of the most effective ways to impact positive stormwater quality now and for years to come.

In addition to supporting students and educators through educational resources (below), the Coalition hosts an annual 4th Grade Water Quality Fair that provides students with exposure, practices, activities, and insight about how to keep stormwater clean.

Each year, 2,000-3,000 4th grade students from throughout Salt Lake County schools participate in the event and learn about stormwater clean, because what goes down the storm drain is untreated.

At the event, students visit zoo exhibits and 10 educational booths, allowing them to explore various aspects of water quality, a vactor truck, watershed education, recycling, landfill practices, water safety, and back-flow prevention.

An activity book is designed to accompany the event to facilitate continued learning when students are back in the classroom and to integrate their experience with the Water Quality Fair. The activity book features hydrology, information about stormwater, and other topics.

The Water Quality Fair is one of the educational components of the overall Salt Lake County stormwater management plan. Other education components include: use of the character “Droplet” and “We All Live Downstream” campaign. There are also more technical components, such as each city’s overall stormwater plan and mitigation of unintentional, and perhaps uniformed damage by developers, as cities become more and more urbanized.

Resources for Stormwater Education


4th Grade Water Quality Fair
Every Spring, Salt Lake County Stormwater Coalition hosts 3,000+ 4th Graders at Utah Hogle Zoo to learn about stormwater management.


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Utah State University Extension- Stream Side Science- (same lesson plans are also available on Utah Education Network). This site includes lessons by topic, grade and core assignment. Also available: local watershed information, photos and videos, program assessments, and teacher workshops & materials.

University of North Carolina- Stormwater for Educators- Resources include stormwater basics, grade specific activities, information for students/educators, homeowners and professionals. Although information is North Carolina specific, several activities/concepts are high quality and may be adapted for students in any setting.

US EPA Polluted Runoff Resources for Teachers- Elementary resources include 7 experiments with Darby Duck, the Aquatic Crusader, and articles and activities for middle school students, including information about Streams in the city and stopping pointless personal pollution.